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Set in a bleak and desperate world that teeters on the brink of total ecological collapse, "Birth" is a game about saving the environment. Carry the world seed to safety, using her considerable powers to overcome puzzles and challenges along the way. 

On your journey into oblivion, you will learn to overcome great challenges and succeed in the face of hopeless odds. The modern inter-dependencies of man, machine and mother earth are explored through their respective manifestations in the game.

Project Documentation:
~ created by Finn Fleming and Nichola Humphreys


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Absolutely stunning graphics! I love the world. The game is so well made!

Still in love with the universe of that game, got stuck at the construction grapler and the container tho, but i got to see what the rest of the game was by tricking it hehehe, great work :D !

Thanks! that's great feedback for us.