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MOTHER (pre-release)

MOTHER is a game about protection and survival. It's time to take off your coat, suppress your neo-liberal pacifist urges and get hyped up for a bit of kill or be killed in this fast-paced zero sum game of life. 

Try not to eat your babies.

~ created by Finn Fleming

Special Thanks

Game Design Consultants
Skullie Z [@TheRealSkullieZ], Nichola Humphreys [@HumphreysMedia]

Oliver Pope, Kingsley Kopking, Nichola Humphreys, Jack McPherson, Jack Roper, Roy Caseley, David McAlle, Peter the Wizard, Skullie Z, Hélio Rouchon-Mazerat


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really cute game about infanticde!!! (✿◠ 0 ◠)

maybe try fixing the jerky rotation when the player is spining out of control and making the little popping animation when the player hits things a bit more animated ~

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Thanks for the feedback!